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As a Main Provider, L.I.T.S. Ltd utilise Subcontractors to complement their delivery model. In order to provide good quality training, to enhance the opportunities available to our apprentices, and to fill any gaps within our niche and expert provision, we engage with Subcontractors for the academic element of the apprenticeship programme.

L.I.T.S. Ltd contracts with The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and accesses public funds in compliance with their ESFA contract and the current funding rules. We also ensure the correct use of funds in accordance with good practice and the business of the company.

All Subcontractors undertake a comprehensive due diligence selection process to demonstrate that they not only meet the criteria set out below but can offer a benefit and value to our apprentices. They must:


  • Be approved on the Register of Approved Training Providers (RoATP).

  • Have suitable insurance.

  • Have appropriately qualified staff.

  • Have necessary policies and procedures in place.

  • Undertake observations on all aspects of their teaching and learning.

  • Provide regular attendance records and progress reports.

  • Be familiar with and comply fully with the current version of the ESFA funding rules.


Once L.I.T.S. Ltd are satisfied that a Subcontractor has proved that they are a legally, financially and educationally sound organisation, an agreed contract will be put in place and signed by authorised signatories from both parties. Contracts are reviewed and updated annually thereafter. Scheduled payment plans are also agreed and put in place for settling Subcontractors’ invoices, which are paid for via BACS.

We currently subcontract with the following:


IPS International Ltd                                                                        £5400.00

South Thames College Group (Kingston College)                                 £2981.00

University of Northampton                                                                £69,900.00

LEIA                                                                                               £2758.00

Harlow College                                                                                £41,500.00

Semester Learning & Development Ltd                                              £3490.00



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