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NVQ Scheme Implementation


Putting Training to Work

Experience has shown that in order to achieve maximum benefit from training it is essential to have a coherent process that ensures acquired skills are safely and effectively consolidated in the workplace. NVQs meet the standards set by industry and the process of assessment and independent verification is widely accepted as the best way of ensuring employees are competent, especially those newly trained.

NVQs can also provide the means for specifying on-the-job training programmes leading to nationally recognised standards and they can apply to staff under training or to those who are experienced but lack the recognition of formal qualifications. Further, an NVQ programme can lead to a full award or to tailored schemes focused on specific needs and the process is fully endorsed by Unite, the engineering trades union.

As a national training provider, L.I.T.S. has delivered and managed a wide range of NVQ implementation schemes, since such schemes were introduced in the early 90s, for many companies in the industrial sector. Schemes range from individuals who have specific up-skilling needs to company-wide multiskilling programmes.

Basically, what does the service involve?

The service can include as little or as much as you feel you need and is priced accordingly. For example, we can advise and train suitable staff to carry out NVQ assessments or, if you require, supply external assessors and manage your whole competence-monitoring programme in the workplace.

What can the service offer in detail?


  • Liaise, consult and advise companies regarding methods and systems available to fulfil needs.

  • Interview candidates in order to outline scheme and responsibilities.

  • Carry out scheme induction for each candidate.

  • Investigate and arrange training courses where required and monitor progress.

  • Advise on NVQ Qualification/Unit selection.

  • Arrange the supply of EAL Candidate Books and Evidence Portfolios.

  • Register each candidate with EAL.

  • Visit each candidate as agreed at company/branch base in order to counsel, inspect portfolios, monitor progress, advise staff etc.

  • Arrange additional training so as to ensure fulfilment of training as required.

  • Supply and arrange completion of progress reports.

  • Arrange and attend appraisal interviews as required.

  • Arrange and carry out final Assessment and Verification.

  • Arrange and conduct training for staff responsible for candidates as required.


EAL is the Awarding Body for the engineering sector and L.I.T.S. is one of its Approved Assessment Centres. Successful candidates will achieve EAL full NVQ certificates or Unit Accreditation as appropriate.

Monitoring fees

Fees vary according to the level of service required.

Please contact us to for further details.

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