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"Development and understanding from all aspects. Not just paperwork - growing as an engineer and understanding the importance behind that. This course has been very rewarding and I would recommend to others."

NVQs & Apprenticeships


NVQ Monitoring Scheme

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are work-related, competence-based qualifications that reflect the skills and knowledge needed to do a job effectively. Working towards an NVQ provides candidates with the opportunity to gain the vital experience that demonstrates their competence in the area of work the NVQ framework represents.

NVQs are based on national occupational standards. These standards are statements of performance that describe what competent people in a particular occupation are expected to be able to do.

They can be taken by employees or apprentices. There are no age limits and no special entry requirements.

Our nationally based team of assessors are fully experienced in the schemes they are managing, having spent many years in industry themselves. L.I.T.S. is one of the nation’s leading providers of engineering NVQ scheme management for adults and apprentices.

With regular candidate reviews, we can ensure that satisfactory progress is being made by setting clear, achievable targets and recommending a course of action for the candidates, employer and L.I.T.S.

A carefully constructed NVQ programme, either at unit level or the full qualification, is the most robust method of certifying the capability of your workforce. That is why many large, international and national bluechip companies use the NVQ process - it is also fully endorsed by all trade unions.


In most instances it is more attractive to recruit young people as apprentices: recruitment costs are lower, retention rates are higher and apprentices quickly identify with the company’s values. Apprenticeships are an investment that provide both long term and short term gains. By taking on an apprentice, your business is benefitting from the development of specialist skills that allow you to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Well-recruited, young apprentices are motivated members of staff who are keen to learn. By making the most of their enthusiasm, they gain the necessary training to work effectively and safely and you gain a loyal, competent and productive workforce.

All of the aforementioned advantages of taking on an apprentice lead to improved productivity. Apprenticeships equip a young workforce with the skills and knowledge to carry out their job properly, after which you can then use their experience for many years. It is very common for apprentices to be promoted to very senior levels within many companies.

"Brilliant company. Cliff was absolutely amazing and has such vast knowledge of the industry and equipment."

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